vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Made some illustrations. Totally different from each other.

These two I made for MonkeyBrainSunday, this one here I made after I saw a picture The little Mermaid. In the real fairytail the prince didn't choose for her. She gets the apportunity to kill the prince and live as a mermaid again.
(sadly) she didn't kill him.

What if she would choose to live as a human? What if she grew old and lonely?

maandag 2 augustus 2010


Hey! I'm now a offical intern at Studio Mickey Did It! It's a studio which make all kinds of animation, in advertising, television series and short movies. Till then I have to work on my animation, but it's hard to concentrate. Instead I made some illustrations. (I'll some post some illustrations I made for Monkeybrainsunday later)

When I talked to the people of Mickey Did It I noticed I wasn't the only one who like blood. So I made this illustration:

note: it's just a drawing. Don't do this at home.