woensdag 31 maart 2010

stressful week


It's been a busy week, but it had just begun. I'm trying to make a better background for my stopmotion animation, but there are still so many things I must do! I've to work next couple days and I think school isn't open next monday. Thuesday is the day I have to show my teacher my progress. aargh!

please check Monkeybrain Sunday for more explosions from other HKU students.

zaterdag 27 maart 2010

emo gramps

Hello! This week, I made some pictures of my puppet's emnotions. Because it's my first puppet, he is a very simple-made doll. His emotions are expressed with his wenkbrowns, mouth and ofcourse body language. Let's see if you can tell the difference!

vrijdag 26 maart 2010

vrijdag 19 maart 2010

a lot of old artwork

Hai! I'm really busy at the moment with my stop motion. And ofcourse, I'm making the the backgrounds at our school, so I have to make it between the school hours. In my spare time, I'm making my showreel (which I shall post next week). And I scanned some of my old work. I like these illustrations, so to conserve them, I'll put them on my blog :)

dinsdag 16 maart 2010

old man and cat!

I'm finished with my puppet and cat!

here's a picture of them. I took a lot of time to make them despite the simple look.

zaterdag 13 maart 2010



I'm working on my showreel right now, so I think I'll post it next week on this blog.
Also, I'm making the set of my animation (remenber the puppet?). The puppet is finished and there's also a cat (which I'm still working on). I'll try to post a picture of them as soon as possible.

zaterdag 6 maart 2010

junk work

some classmates told me I should save some of my 'junk art' instead throwing it all away. Ofcourse I shouldn't erase them, but what should I do with it? So I post is here. Here's some of it:

I guess I like to draw girls in my brainless sparetime.

vrijdag 5 maart 2010

twee filmpjes

here's some old work of mine;
both are focused on the movement en follow through.
hope you like it :)

woensdag 3 maart 2010



I'm starting this blog just for you! Maybe you were hoping i would post some of my work right away but sadly no. I'm very busy with my second year animation, so maybe i could post you some artwork of the animation. Hopefully you will come visit me more form now on!

psst! here's a sneak peak of my puppet for my stopmotion